James Macqueen

James Macqueen (1778-1870) — sometimes MacQueen — was a Scottish geographer, statistician, political campaigner, pro-slavery activist, banker and businessman, noted for founding the Colonial Bank and the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. An expert on African geography, he advocated the colonisation of that continent many decades before the so-called "Scramble for Africa" (1881-1914). He was co-owner and editor of the ''Glasgow Courier''; wrote in London on politics, geography, economics, and general literature; and founded a bank in Mauritius.

Although Macqueen had no academic education, professional training or qualifications, his amateur energy and enthusiasm, in several fields, made him a prominent, and controversial figure. He quickly lost interest in many of the projects he started. He had extensive correspondence with the Royal Geographical Society, and many of his memoirs were published in its ''Journal'' and ''Proceedings''. Provided by Wikipedia

by MacQueen, James
Published 1836
B. Fellowes

by MacQueen, James
Published 1850
W. Blackwood

by Burton, Richard Francis
Published 1864
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