Daniel K. Ludwig

Daniel Keith Ludwig (June 24, 1897 – August 27, 1992) was an American shipping businessman, who was also involved in many other industries. He pioneered the construction of super tankers in Japan, founded Exportadora de Sal, SA in Mexico and developed it as the largest salt company in the world, built a model community in association with the Jari project, which he pioneered, on the Amazon River in Brazil to produce pulp paper, and had numerous hotels around the world.

Though he was one of the wealthiest tycoons of his day, with operations spanning 23 countries, Ludwig remained completely obscure due to his reclusive lifestyle. He "avoided the press like the plague", keeping a low profile throughout his business career. He only gave one interview during his lifetime, which he granted to Dero A. Saunders of Fortune Magazine in 1957. Ludwig was #1 on the Forbes 400 in 1982. Provided by Wikipedia

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