Jean-Louis de Lolme

Jean-Louis de Lolme () or Delolme (174016 July 1806) was a Genevan and British political theorist and writer on constitutional matters, born in the then independent Republic of Geneva. As an adult he moved to England, and became a British subject. His most famous work was ''Constitution de l'Angleterre'' (''The Constitution of England'', 1771), which was subsequently published in English as well. In it, de Lolme advocated a constitutional form of government enshrining the principle that monarchy, aristocracy and democracy should be balanced against each other. He also praised the element of representative democracy in the constitution, and urged an extension of suffrage. The work influenced many of the framers of the United States Constitution. Provided by Wikipedia

by Lolme, Jean Louis de
Published 1826
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by Lolme, Jean Louis de
Published 1771
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by Lolme, Jean Louis de
Published 1789
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