Creswell Levinz

Robert White Sir Creswell Levinz (1627–1701), judge, was the second son of William Levinz, the elder, of Evenley, Northamptonshire, by Mary, second daughter of Richard Creswell of Purston in the same county. He was the brother of Baptist Levinz and William Levinz. Provided by Wikipedia

by Levinz, Creswell
Published 1722
In the Savoy: printed by E. and R. Nutt and R. Gosling, (assings of Edweard Sayer Esq;) for D. Browne, W. Mears, and F. Clay without Temple-Bar, J. Walthoe in the Temple-Cloysters, C. Osborne in Grays-Inn, R. Gosling at the Middle-Temple-Gate, and T. Woodward at the Half-Moon against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street

by Levinz, Creswell
Published 1702
printed by the assigns of Richard and Edward Atkins, for D. Browne, T. Benskin, and J. Walthoe