Guillaume Le Blond

''Eléments de fortification'', 1752 Guillaume Le Blond (1704 – May 24, 1781) was a French mathematician. He was born in Paris.

He was a professor of mathematics at the grand stable of the King (1736) and then the Enfants de France (1756). Leblond kept this job until 1778, when he became secretary of the cabinet of Madame Victoire.

Le Blond wrote the following works, some of which have been translated into German.His work "''Éléments de fortification"'' was translated to ''Ottoman Turkish language'' in 1834 as "''Usûl-i İstihkâmât''"(Method of Fortifications) by Ishak Efendi.

* ''Essai sur la castramétation'', 1748, in-8°) ; * ''Éléments de tactique'', 1758, in-4° ; * ''Artillerie raisonnée contenant l’usage des différentes bouches à feu'', 1761, in-8° ; * ''l’Arithmétique et la géométrie de l’officier'', 1768, 2 vol. in-8° ; * ''Traité de l’attaque des places'', 1780, in-8° ; * ''Éléments de fortification'', 1739, in-8°.

He also produced editions of ''Mémoires d’artillerie'' by Pierre Surirey de Saint-Remy and the ''Géométrie'' by Joseph Sauveur and collaborated on the ''Encyclopédie''.

*''[ Géométrie élémentaire et pratique]'' Provided by Wikipedia

by Le Blond, Guillaume
Published 1759
printed for J. Nourse at the Lamb opposite Katherine-Street in the Strand

by Le Blond, Guillaume
Published 1746
printed by E. Cave, at St. John's Gate, and sold by M. Cooper, in Pater-Noster-Row, P. Vaillant, in the Strand, and J. Brindley, in New-Bond-Street