Kevin Lano

Kevin C. Lano (born 1963) is a British computer scientist.

Kevin Lano studied at the University of Reading, attaining a first class degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and the University of Bristol where he completed his doctorate. He was an originator of formal object-oriented techniques (Z++), and developed a combination of UML and formal methods in a number of papers and books. He was one of the founders of the Precise UML group, who influenced the definition of UML 2.0. Lano published the book ''Advanced Systems Design with Java, UML and MDA'' (Butterworth-Heinemann, ) in 2005. He is also the editor of ''UML 2 Semantics and Applications'', published by Wiley in October 2009, among a number of computer science books.

Lano was formerly a Research Officer at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory (now the Oxford University Department of Computer Science). He is a reader at the ''Department of Informatics'' at King's College London.

In 2008, Lano and his co-authors Andy Evans, Robert France, and Bernard Rumpe, were awarded the ''Ten Year Most Influential Paper Award'' at the MODELS 2008 Conference on ''Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems'' for the 1998 paper "''The UML as a Formal Modeling Notation''". Provided by Wikipedia

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