William Lambarde

A 16th- or 17th-century portrait of Lambarde by an unidentified artist William Lambarde (18 October 1536 – 19 August 1601) was an English antiquarian, writer on legal subjects, and politician. He is particularly remembered as the author of ''A Perambulation of Kent'' (1576), the first English county history; ''Eirenarcha'' (1581), a widely read manual on the office and role of justice of the peace; and ''Archeion'' (completed c.1591, though not published until 1635), a discourse that sought to trace the Anglo-Saxon roots of English common law, prerogative and government. Provided by Wikipedia

by Lambarde, William
Published 1582
Imprinted by Ra. Newbery and H. Bynneman, by the ass. of R. Tot. and Chr. Bar

by Lambarde, William
Published 1826
Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy

by Lambarde, William
Published 1596
By Edm. Bollifant

by Lambarde, William
Published 1576
For Ralphe Nevvberie

by Lambarde, William
Published 1730
printed for Fletcher Gyles, over-against Gray's-Inn, Holborne

by Francklyn, Thomas
Published 1756
Printed for A. Linde
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