Wolfgang Kröger

Wolfgang Kröger (born August 27, 1945 in Herne, Germany) has been full professor of Safety Technology at the ETH Zurich since 1990 and director of the Laboratory of Safety Analysis simultaneously. Before being elected Founding Rector of International Risk Governance Council (IRGC) in 2003, he headed research in nuclear energy and safety at the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI). After his retirement early 2011 he became the Executive Director of the newly established ETH Risk Center. He has both Swiss and German citizenship and lives in Kilchberg, Zürich. His seminal work lies in the general area of reliability, risk and vulnerability analysis of large-scale technical systems, initially single complicated systems like nuclear power plants of different types and finally complex engineered networks like power supply systems, the latter coupled to other critical infrastructure and controlled by cyber-physical systems. He is known for his continuing efforts to advance related frameworks, methodology, and tools, to communicate results including uncertainties as well as for his successful endeavor in stimulating trans-boundary cooperation to improve governance of emerging systemic risks. His contributions to shape and operationalize the concept of sustainability and - more recently - the concept of resilience are highly valued. Furthermore, he is in engaged in the evaluation of smart clean, secure, and affordable energy systems and future technologies, including new ways of exploiting nuclear energy. The development and certification of cooperative automated vehicles, regarded as a cornerstone of future mobility concepts, are matter of growing interest.

Professor Kröger is an individual member of the Swiss Academy of Technical Science and heads the topical (SATW) platform “Autonomous Mobility”; he has been awarded “Distinguished Affiliate Professor” by Technische Universität München in 2012., and "Senior Fellow" of IASS Potsdam. Inter alia he is member of the international review group of the Japanese Nuclear Safety Institute (JANSI), the project of three German academies on “Energy Systems of the Future” (ESYS), and notable advisory boards. Most recent publications/books are dedicated to the vulnerability of interdependent critical infrastructure systems and to make them more resilient as well as to issues of energy and mobility systems. Provided by Wikipedia

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