Otto Kandler

Otto Kandler in 1983, with a molecular model of pseudomurein([[pseudopeptidoglycan Otto Kandler (23 October 1920 in Deggendorf - 29 August 2017 in Munich, Bavaria) was a German botanist and microbiologist. Until his retirement in 1986 he was professor of botany at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

His most important research topics were photosynthesis, plant carbohydrate metabolism, analysis of the structure of bacterial cell walls (murein/peptidoglycan), the systematics of ''Lactobacillus'', and the chemotaxonomy of plants and microorganisms. He presented the first experimental evidence for the existence of photophosphorylation ''in vivo''. His discovery of the basic differences between the cell walls of bacteria and archaea (up to 1990 called "archaebacteria") convinced him that archaea represent an autonomous group of organisms distinct from bacteria. This was the basis for his cooperation with Carl Woese and made him the founder of research on the ''Archaea'' in Germany. In 1990, together with Woese, he proposed the three domains of life: Bacteria, Archaea, Eucarya. Provided by Wikipedia