Fritz Kaiser

|birth_place = Mauren, Liechtenstein |occupation = Entrepreneur, investor |employer = Kaiser Partner }} Fritz Kaiser (born 22 March 1955 in Mauren, Liechtenstein) is a wealth management entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist from the Principality of Liechtenstein. He is married to Birgit and has four children. He is co-founder and executive chairman of Kaiser Partner, a wealth management firm that provides family office and wealth management services to private wealth owners and their advisors. Kaiser is an advocate for responsible wealth management and is well known for his innovation in this field. Specifically, in 2011, he won the Spear’s Magazine "Wealth Management Innovator of the Year" award for the successful instigation and development of the ‘Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility’ (LDF), a vehicle which promotes tax compliance by assisting UK taxpayers in the declaration of previously untaxed assets. He also co-founded the Mentor Foundation, a leading international NGO voice of drug abuse prevention. Provided by Wikipedia

by Oehler, Gerhard, Kaiser, Fritz
Published 1966
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