William Jennings

William Jennings may refer to:

*William Jennings (mayor) (1823–1886), mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA *William M. Jennings (1920–1981), one time owner of the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League; the League annually gives out an award in his honour *William Nicholson Jennings (1860–1946), photographer in Philadelphia *W. Pat Jennings (1919–1994), Representative in the United States Congress from Virginia *William Sherman Jennings (1863–1920), governor of Florida, United States *William Thomas Jennings (1854–1923), New Zealand politician * William Jennings (priest) (died 1565), Dean of Gloucester, 1541–1565 *William Dale Jennings (1917–2000), American author of ''The Cowboys'', ''The Ronin'', and ''The Sinking of the Sarah Diamond'' *Sir William Ivor Jennings (1903–1965), British lawyer and academic *William Jennens (1701–1798), "William the Miser", "William the Rich", 'the richest commoner in England' who died intestate Provided by Wikipedia

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