Jared Ingersoll

Jared Ingersoll Jared Ingersoll (October 24, 1749 – October 31, 1822) was an American Founding Father, lawyer, and statesman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a delegate to the Continental Congress and a signer of the United States Constitution. He served as DeWitt Clinton's running mate in the 1812 election, but Clinton and Ingersoll were defeated by James Madison and Elbridge Gerry.

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Ingersoll established a legal career in Philadelphia after graduating from Yale College. The son of British colonial official Jared Ingersoll Sr., Ingersoll lived in Europe from 1773 to 1776 to avoid the growing political conflict between Britain and the Thirteen Colonies. In 1778, having committed himself to the cause of American independence, Ingersoll returned to Philadelphia and won election to the Continental Congress. Ingersoll became convinced of the need for a stronger national government than what was provided by the Articles of Confederation, and he was a delegate to the 1787 Philadelphia Convention. Though he was initially seeking amendments for the Articles of Confederation, he eventually came to support the new Constitution that was produced by the convention.

He served as the Pennsylvania Attorney General from 1791 to 1800 and from 1811 to 1816. He also served as the United States Attorney for Pennsylvania and as the city solicitor for Philadelphia. He argued the cases of ''Chisholm v. Georgia'' and ''Hylton v. United States'', two of the first cases to appear before the United States Supreme Court.

Ingersoll affiliated with the Federalist Party and was deeply disturbed by Thomas Jefferson's victory in the 1800 presidential election. In 1812, the Democratic-Republican Party split between President Madison and Clinton. The Federalists decided to support a ticket of Clinton and Ingersoll in hopes of defeating the incumbent president. Madison prevailed in the election, winning Ingersoll's crucial home state of Pennsylvania. Provided by Wikipedia

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