Helen Sawyer Hogg

Plaque to Helen Sawyer Hogg at [[Canada Science and Technology Museum]] Helen Battles Sawyer Hogg, CC (1 August 1905 – 28 January 1993) was an astronomer noted for pioneering research into globular clusters and variable stars. She was the first female president of several astronomical organizations and a notable woman of science in a time when many universities would not award scientific degrees to women. Her scientific advocacy and journalism included astronomy columns in the ''Toronto Star'' ("With the Stars", 1951–81) and the ''Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada'' ("Out of Old Books", 1946–65). She was considered a "great scientist and a gracious person" over a career of sixty years. Provided by Wikipedia

by Edmonson, Frank K., Lindblad, Bertil, Oort, J. H., Hogg, Helen Sawyer
Published 1959
Springer Berlin Heidelberg