Peter Heylyn

Peter Heylyn or Heylin (29 November 1599 – 8 May 1662) was an English ecclesiastic and author of many polemical, historical, political and theological tracts. He incorporated his political concepts into his geographical books ''Microcosmus'' in 1621 and ''Cosmographie'' (1657). Provided by Wikipedia

by Heylyn, Peter
Published 1851
Printed and published for the Caxton Society by J. Russell Smith

by Heylyn, Peter
Published 1648
Printed by M.F. for John Clark

by Heylyn, Peter
Published 1709
printed by Benj. Motte, for J. Nicholson, G. Conyers, J. and B. Sprint, and Tho. Ballard, in Little-Britain

by Heylyn, Peter
Published 1786
printed for Mr. Bathurst, Fleet-Street; Messrs. Rivington, St. Paul's Church-Yard; Mr. Payne, at the Mews-Gate, Charing-Cross; Messrs. Richardson and Sewell, Cornhill; and Mr. Prince, at Oxford

by Heylyn, Peter
Published 1703
printed for Edw. Brewster, Ric. Chiswell, Benj. Tooke, Tho. Hodgkin, and Tho. Bennet
Other Authors: ...Heylyn, Peter...

by Heylyn, Peter
Published 1773
[printed for the editor: and sold by Mr. Bathurst; Messrs. Rivington; Mr. Whiston; Mr. Payne; Mr. Davies; [and 4 in London, 1 each in Cambridge and Oxford, 2 in Chelmsford, and the editor at Oakley]

by Heylyn, Peter
Published 1719
printed by James Carson, for John Hyde in Dames-Street, and Robert Owen at the Dolphin in Skinner-Row, Booksellers

by Heylyn, Peter
Published 1709
printed by B. Motte, for C. Harper, at the Flower-de-Luce, over-against S. Dunstan's-Church, in Fleet-Street

by Heylyn, Peter
Published 1710
printed for G. Sawbridge, at the Three Flower-de-Luces in Little Britain, and sold by J. Morphew near Stationer's-Hall