John Harding

John Harding may refer to:

*John Harding (Leicester MP) British politician, represented Leicester (UK Parliament constituency) *John Harding (President of Magdalen) (died 1610), English churchman and academic *John Harding (Southern planter) (1777–1865), American Southern planter and thoroughbred breeder *John L. Harding (1780–1837), American mayor of Frederick, Maryland *John Harding (cricketer) (fl. 1809), English cricketer *John Harding (bishop) (1805–1874), bishop of Bombay *J. Eugene Harding (1877–1959), U.S. Representative from Ohio *John Harding, 1st Baron Harding of Petherton (1896–1989), British General of World War II and Colonial Governor of Cyprus *Jack Harding (1898–1963), American coach of American football *J. P. Harding (1911–1998), British zoologist *John Charles Harding, 2nd Baron Harding of Petherton (1928–2016), British army officer *John Harding (footballer) (1932–1994), Australian rules footballer for Fitzroy *John Harding (photographer) (born 1940), American photographer *John Tisdale Harding (born c. 1945), American on-air radio personality and news director *John Harding (violinist) (born 1950), Australian violinist *John Harding (author) (1951–2017), British novelist *John Wesley Harding (singer) (born 1965), English singer *John Harding (Sha ko hen the tha) (fl. 2000s), Mohawk leader and politician from Quebec, Canada *''John Wesley Harding'' (album), a 1967 album by Bob Dylan named after John Wesley Hardin **"John Wesley Harding" (song) Provided by Wikipedia