Johann Philipp Graumann

In the 18th century half of the [[Palais am Festungsgraben Johann Philipp Graumann (born in 1706 - died 22 April 1762 in Berlin) was a German business mathematician, an expert on exchange rates and coinage, mint master in Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel and Berlin, a mercantilist and Prussian financial advisor. He is considered one of the most important German monetary theorists of his time. As master of the mints in Prussia, he implemented a major coin reform, with the goal of implementing a new monetary standard to promote trade, increase seigniorage income and elevate the Prussian coins to the status of a reserve currency. Graumann was portrayed by his contemporaries as a dreamer, but with only a slight modification his coin standard remained in place in Germany until 1907. Provided by Wikipedia

by Graumann, Johann Philipp
Published 1752
Bey C.F. Voss
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by Graumann, Johann Philipp
Published 1762
Bey Christian Friedrich Voss