Ajoy Ghatak

Ajoy Ghatak is an Indian physicist and author of physics textbooks.

Ajoy Ghatak has written over 170 research papers and more than 20 books (see ''Selected Publications'' below). His undergraduate textbook on ''Optics'' has been translated to Chinese and Persian and his monograph on ''Inhomogeneous Optical Waveguides'' (coauthored with Professor Sodha) has been translated to Chinese and Russian. In 1995, he was elected Fellow of the Optical Society of America "for distinguished service to optics education and for his contribution to the understanding of propagation characteristics of gradient index media, fibers and integrated optical devices".

He received his M.Sc from Delhi University and Ph.D from Cornell University. Professor Ghatak joined the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1966. He retired as an Emeritus Professor of Physics at IIT Delhi in 2007

Professor Ghatak now spends his time writing books and doing special guest lectures at universities and colleges in India and internationally. In recent years, he has taken a keen interest in bringing the genius of Albert Einstein to the wider public and was invited to present a TEDx talk, "Inside Einstein's mind" in 2017 Provided by Wikipedia

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