James Gardner

James or Jim Gardner may refer to:

* James Gardner (designer) (1907–1995), British industrial designer * James Gardner (musician) (born 1962), British musician and composer * James A. Gardner (1943–1966), Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipient * James Alan Gardner (born 1955), Canadian science fiction author * James Alexander Gardner (born 1970), British innovation author and technologist * James Cardwell Gardner (1864–1935), English doctor and amateur rower * James Carson Gardner (born 1933), Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina * James Daniel Gardner (1839–1905), American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient * James Knoll Gardner (1940–2017), U.S. federal judge * James N. Gardner (born 1946), complexity theorist and science essayist * James P. Gardner, runner-up in the 1899 US Open Tennis mixed doubles * James Patrick Gardner (1883–1937), Member of Parliament for Hammersmith North * Jim Gardner (baseball) (1874–1905), baseball pitcher * Jim Gardner (broadcaster) (born 1948), stage name of James Goldman, American news anchor for WPVI-TV in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania * Jim Gardner (''Commander in Chief'' character), fictional White House Chief of Staff on the television series ''Commander in Chief'' * Jim Gardner (trade unionist) (1893–1976), Scottish trade unionist * James Terry Gardiner (1842–1912), American surveyor and engineer, used the Gardner spelling for part of his life Provided by Wikipedia

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