John Gamble

John Gamble may refer to: * John Gamble (musician) (died 1687), musician and song collector * John Gamble (priest) (1762–1811), British Anglican clergyman and military chaplain * John M. Gamble (1791–1836), officer in the United States Marine Corps * John William Gamble (1799–1873), businessman and political figure in Upper Canada and Canada West * John Rankin Gamble (1848–1891), U.S. Representative from South Dakota * John Marshall Gamble (1863–1957), American painter * John A. Gamble (1933–2009), Canadian politician * John Gamble (baseball) (1948–2022), Major League Baseball shortstop * John Gamble (American football) (active 1981–2012), American football player, powerlifter and strongman competitor * John Gamble (record producer) (1960–2020), American record producer Provided by Wikipedia