Thomas Fox

Thomas Fox may refer to:

* Thomas Fox (1622–1666), English MP for Tamworth 1660–1661 * Thomas Fox (cricketer, born 1849) (1849–1916), English cricketer and botanist * Thomas Fox (elected 1406), MP for Nottingham * Thomas Fox (rower) (1928–2010), Guernsey-born doctor and rower * Thomas Fox Averill (born 1949), American writer * Thomas Fox (Middlesex cricketer) (1878–1931), English cricketer * Tom Fox (politician) (1876–1951), Australian politician and football player * Tom Fox (hurler), Irish hurler * Tom Fox (baritone), American opera singer * Tom Fox (executive), former chief executive of Aston Villa F.C. * Tom Fox (Labour politician) (1860–1934), English trade unionist and politician * Tom Fox (Quaker) (1951–2006), American Quaker killed in Iraq while serving with ''Christian Peacemaker Teams'' * Tom Fox (rugby league), rugby league footballer of the 1930s * Tom Fox, founder and president of New York Water Taxi * Dredger Tom Fox Provided by Wikipedia

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