Fabia (gens)

Statue of [[Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus The ''gens Fabia'' was one of the most ancient patrician families at Rome. The gens played a prominent part in history soon after the establishment of the Republic, and three brothers were invested with seven successive consulships, from 485 to 479 BC, thereby cementing the high repute of the family. Overall, the Fabii received 45 consulships during the Republic. The house derived its greatest lustre from the patriotic courage and tragic fate of the 306 Fabii in the Battle of the Cremera, 477 BC. But the Fabii were not distinguished as warriors alone; several members of the gens were also important in the history of Roman literature and the arts. Provided by Wikipedia

by Fabius
Published 1813
J.M. Richardson

by Fabius
Published 1801
Printed for Cobbett and Morgan

by Clarke, Fabius M.
Published 1916