Henry Duncan

Henry Duncan may refer to: *Henry Duncan (Royal Navy officer, born 1735) (1735–1814), Naval captain and Deputy Comptroller of the Royal Navy *Sir Henry Duncan (Royal Navy officer, born 1786) (1786–1835), Scottish sailor *Henry Duncan (minister) (1774–1846), Scottish minister, geologist and social reformer; founder of the savings bank movement Provided by Wikipedia

by Duncan, Henry
Published 1816
Printed for Oliphant, Waugh & Innes

by Duncan, Henry
Published 1821
Printed for Waugh & Innes, Edinburgh, and T. Hamilton, Ogle, Duncan, & Co. and W. Baynes & Son, London
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by Duncan, Henry
Published 1830
T. and G. Underwood

Published 2019
Springer International Publishing
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