William Dugard

William Dugard, or Du Gard (9 January 1606 – 3 December 1662), was an English schoolmaster and printer. During the English Interregnum, he printed many important documents and propaganda, first in support of Charles I and later of Oliver Cromwell. He also proved a successful (if controversial) master at a number of schools, including the Merchant Taylor's School, Colchester Royal Grammar School and Stamford School, and wrote a number of non-fiction works. Provided by Wikipedia

by Dugard, William
Published 1721
excudebat W. H. pro J. Philips, J. Taylor, & administrat' H. Rhodes

by Dugard, William
Published 1731
printed for J. Phillips, at the King's-Arms, in St. Paul's-Church-Yard: the executors of J. Taylor: J. Clarke, at the Golden-Ball, in Duck-Lane: and A. Wilde, in Aldersgate-Street

by Dugard, William
Published 1705
excudebat T. B. pro J. Phillips, H. Rhodes, & J. Taylor

by Dugard, William
Published 1741
excudebat A. W. pro W. Innys, J. Clarke, J. Hodges, A. Wilde, & J. Taylor