Saurabh Dube

Saurabh Dube is an Indian scholar whose work combines history and anthropology, archival and field research, and subaltern studies and postcolonial perspectives. After teaching at the University of Delhi, since 1995 he is Professor of History at the Center of Asian and African Studies at El Colegio de México in Mexico City. Dube has been described as having "...long been one of the most interesting and perceptive scholars addressing the dilemmas of modernity in South Asia." His work has been appreciated for setting up conversations between scholarship on South Asia and Latin America, combining "...sociology, history, anthropology, and postcolonial studies to present a nuanced analysis of the challenges confronting our contemporary understandings of empire and modernity, power and difference, and nation and history." Dube's work has been read for "...its lyrical tenor, conversational approach and inspired indecision between the archive and the field. ... an irresistible feast for the historical imagination... that is visibly kind to theoretical abstractions", while it closely addresses details, especially of the Chhattisgargh region. His last authored book, ''Subjects of Modernity'' has been heralded as “ranging widely and globally - from histories of empires and genealogies of disciplines to recent Dalit artwork from India - to explore and carefully delineate a tension he regards as fundamental to the formation of the modern: the modern subject's inevitable entanglement with those subject to modernity. A tour de force, this book offers a critical, timely and powerful sequel to postcolonial and subaltern studies” (Dipesh Chakrabarty). The work has also been appreciated as modelling “a form of critical scholarship that is generous in its engagement with the work of its interlocutors even as it pushes against the latest clichés to chart new directions” (Mrinalini Sinha). Others, however, have found Dube's writing to be far too theoretical and vastly broad in scope. Provided by Wikipedia

by Dube, Saurabh
Published 1999
Colegio de México, Centro de Estudios de Asia y África
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by Dube, Saurabh
Published 2017
Manchester University Press