Étienne Dolet

A bust of Étienne Dolet in Orléans, (Val-de-Loire, France) [[Mairie Étienne Dolet (; 3 August 15093 August 1546) was a French scholar, translator and printer. Dolet was a controversial figure throughout his lifetime. His early attacks upon the Inquisition, the city council and other authorities in Toulouse, together with his later publications in Lyon treating of theological subjects, roused the French Inquisition to monitor his activities closely. After being imprisoned several times, he was eventually convicted of heresy, strangled and burned with his books due to the combined efforts of the parlement of Paris, the Inquisition, and the theological faculty of the Sorbonne. Provided by Wikipedia

by Dolet, Etienne
Published 1537
Apud Seb. Gryphium