Roger Davies

Roger Davies may refer to:

* Roger Davies (actor), English actor known for ''Renford Rejects'' and ''The Cloverfield Paradox'' * Roger Davies (manager) (born 1952), Australian-born manager in the music industry * Roger Davies (Harry Potter), fictional character in the ''Harry Potter'' book series * Roger Davies (footballer) (born 1950), English footballer, MVP of the North American Soccer League in 1980 * Roger Davies (astrophysicist) (born 1954), English astrophysicist Provided by Wikipedia

by Davies, Roger
Published 1724
Printed for Richard Sare near Gray's-Inn in Holbourn

by Davies, Roger
Published 1726
printed by W. Bowyer, and sold by W. and J. Innys, in St. Paul's Church-Yard, and R. Williamson, near Grays-Inn-Gate in Holborn

by Davies, Roger, Houghton, Peter
Published 1995
Macmillan Education UK

Published 1996
Springer Netherlands
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