Andrew Davidson

Andrew Davidson may refer to:

* Andrew Davidson (Army surgeon) (1819–1901), American soldier in the American Civil War * Andrew B. Davidson (1831–1902), Scottish professor of Hebrew and Oriental languages * Andrew Davidson (physician) (1836–1918), Scottish medical missionary and tropical medicine educator * Andrew Davidson (soldier) (1840–1902), Scottish soldier in the American Civil War * Andrew Davidson (footballer) (1878–1949), Scottish footballer with Middlesbrough, Bury, Grimsby Town and Southampton * Andrew Davidson (knight) (1892–1962), captain, footballer, knight, professor, public health official and royal physician * Andrew Davidson (educationalist) (1894–1982), New Zealand teacher and educationalist * Andrew Hope Davidson (1895–1967), professor of midwifery * Andrew Nevile Davidson (1899–1976), Church of Scotland minister * Andrew Davidson, 2nd Viscount Davidson (1928–2012), British peer and Conservative politician * Andrew Davidson (illustrator) (born 1958), British illustrator * Andrew Davidson (author) (born 1969), Canadian writer * Andrew Davidson (Big Brother), contestant on the first series of Big Brother UK in 2000 * Andrew Davidson (rugby union) (born 1996), Scottish rugby player Provided by Wikipedia