Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely (; born April 29, 1967) is an Israeli-American professor and author. He serves as a James B. Duke Professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University. Ariely is the co-founder of several companies implementing insights from behavioral science. Ariely wrote an advice column called ''Ask Ariely'' in the WSJ from June 2012 until September 2022. Ariely is the author of the three ''New York Times'' best selling books ''Predictably Irrational'', ''The Upside of Irrationality'' and ''The Honest Truth about Dishonesty.'' He co-produced the 2015 documentary ''(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies''.

Since 2021, Ariely has faced multiple accusations of data fraud and academic misconduct, which have resulted in a retracted paper. In 2024, Duke completed a 3-year confidential investigation and according to Ariely concluded that "data from the honesty-pledge paper had been falsified but found no evidence that Ariely used fake data knowingly". Provided by Wikipedia

by Dan Ariely
Published 2016
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