John Craig

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*John Craig (minister) (c. 1512–1600), Scottish minister *John Craig (musician), American rock musician *John Craig (physician) (died 1620), Scottish physician *John Craig (mathematician) (1663–1731), Scottish mathematician *John Craig (ferryman), captain in the American Revolutionary War, commissioned in 1785 to operate the Valley View Ferry *John Craig (geologist) (1796–1880), Scottish geologist and lexicographer *John Craig (author), Canadian children's author and recipient of the Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Award *John Craig (classicist) (1887–1968), Scottish classicist, Professor at the University of Sheffield *John Craig (fictional agent), character in a series of spy thrillers by author James Munro *John Craig (Ontario MPP) (1843–1898), newspaper publisher and politician in Ontario, Canada *John B. Craig (born 1945), American diplomat *John D. Craig (1903–1997), American businessman, entertainer, and deep-sea diver *John D. Craig (Superintendent of Patents) (1766–1846), U.S. Superintendent of Patents from 1829 to 1835 *John Manson Craig (1896–1970), Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross *John R. Craig (1906–1943), officer in the United States Navy *John Alexander Craig (1880–1968), political figure in Ontario *John Duncan Craig (1831–1909), Irish poet, writer and Church of Ireland clergyman *Johnny Craig (1926–2001), American comic book artist *John Craig (actor) (1868–1932), American actor married to actress Mary Young (1879–1971) Provided by Wikipedia

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