Walter Clark

Walter Clark may refer to:

* Walter Clark (Canadian politician) (1890–1987), Canadian politician, served in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba * Bill Clark (screenwriter) (Walter Clark, born 1944), American police detective and television writer and producer * Walter Eli Clark (1869–1950), American politician, Governor of Alaska * Walter Clark (judge) (1846–1924), North Carolina jurist * Walter Van Tilburg Clark (1909–1971), American author of short stories, poetry and novels * Walter Ernest Clark (1873–1955), president of the University of Nevada, father of Walter Van Tilburg Clark * Walter Leighton Clark (1859–1935), American businessman, inventor and artist * Walter Eugene Clark (1881–1960), American philologist * Walter H. Clark (1902–1994), professor of psychology of religion at Andover Newton Theological School * Walter Appleton Clark (1876–1906), artist and illustrator Provided by Wikipedia