Title page with the Tablet of Cebes, by [[Hans Holbein the Younger Cebes of Thebes (, ''gen''.: Κέβητος; ''c''. 430 – 350 BCE) was an Ancient Greek philosopher from Thebes remembered as a disciple of Socrates. One work, known as the ''Pinax'' (Πίναξ) or ''Tabula'', attributed to Cebes still survives, but it is believed to be a composition by a pseudonymous author of the 1st or 2nd century CE. Provided by Wikipedia

by Cebes
Published 1750
printed and sold by Robert and Andrew Foulis

by Cebes
Published 1757
in aedibus academicis excudebant Robertus et Andreas Foulis Academiae Typographi

by Cebes
Published 1723
prostant venales apud Geo. Strahan, ad Insigne Pilae Aureae, in Cornhill

by Cebes
Published 1745
impensis Josephi Davidson, ad Insigne Angeli, in vico vulgò dicto the Poultry, propè Cheapside

by Cebes
Published 1759
printed for J. Fletcher, in the Turl

by Cebes
Published 1777
printed by Fletcher and Hodson. Sold by J. Nicholson, Cambridge; J. and F. Rivington, and S. Crowder, London

by Scott, Thomas
Published 1754
printed for R. and J. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall
...Table of Cebes...

by Epictetus
Published 1707
printed for J. Goudge at the Castle in Westminster-Hall
Other Authors: '; ...Cebes...

by Chevrier, François Antoine de
Published 1798
Other Authors: '; ...Cebes...