Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library is a municipal public library system in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, founded in 1848. The Boston Public Library is also the Library for the Commonwealth (formerly ''library of last recourse'') of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; all adult residents of the commonwealth are entitled to borrowing and research privileges, and the library receives state funding. The Boston Public Library contains approximately 24 million volumes, and electronic resources, making it the third-largest public library in the United States behind the federal Library of Congress and the New York Public Library, which is also privately endowed. In fiscal year 2014, the library held more than 10,000 programs, all free to the public, and lent 3.7 million materials. Provided by Wikipedia

by Colman, Benjamin
Published 1725
Printed by T. Fleet, for Thomas Hancock, and sold at his shop in Ann-Street, near the draw-bridge
...Boston Public Library...

by Mather, Increase
Published 1713
Printed by B. Green, for Benj. Eliot, at his shop in King Street
...Boston Public Library...

by Dickinson, John
Published 1769
...Boston Public Library...

by Pope, Alexander
Published 1787
London, printed: Boston: re-printed by Thomas and John Fleet, at the Bible and Heart in Cornhill
...Boston Public Library...

by Mather, Cotton
Published 1711
Printed by B. Green: sold by Samuel Gerrish, at his shop at the Sign of the Buck over against the South Meeting-House
...Boston Public Library...

by Mather, Cotton
Published 1726
Printed by Thomas Fleet?
...Boston Public Library...