Gaetano Borriello

Gaetano Borriello (1958–2015) was an American computer scientist and researcher in ubiquitous computing. He is recognized for his work in developing the Open Data Kit and as the founding director of Intel Research Seattle.

Boriello was named a Fellow of the ACM in 2009 "for the design, realization, and integration of embedded and ubiquitous computing systems" and of the IEEE in 2010 "for contributions to embedded computing devices and systems." He was also a Fulbright Scholar.

Borriello was on the University of Washington computer science faculty from 1988 until his death – 27 years. The Gaetano Borriello Endowed Fellowship for Change was funded by Borriello's friends on his untimely death, to provide support for UW students "whose work is focused on exploring how technology can improve the lives of underserved populations".

Borriello is survived by his wife Melissa Westbrook and their two sons. Provided by Wikipedia

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Published 2002
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