Ignaz von Born

A portrait of Ignaz von Born Ignaz Edler von Born, also known as Ignatius von Born (, , ) (26 December 1742 in Alba Iulia, Grand Principality of Transylvania, Habsburg Monarchy – 24 July 1791 in Vienna), was a mineralogist and metallurgist. He was a prominent freemason, being head of Vienna's Illuminati lodge and an influential anti-clerical writer. He was the leading scientist in the Holy Roman Empire during the 1770s in the age of Enlightenment.

His interests include mining, mineralogy, palaeontology, chemistry, metallurgy and malacology. Provided by Wikipedia

by Born, Ignaz, Edler von
Published 1777
printed by J. Miller, No. 6, Old Bailey; for G. Kearsley, No. 46, Fleet-Street

by Born, Ignaz, Edler von
Published 1783
Augustae Vindelicorum excusum: denuo excusum Londini; impensis J. Johnson