William Baxter

William Baxter may refer to:

* William Baxter (scholar) (1650–1723), Welsh scholar * William Baxter (Nova Scotia politician) (1760–1832), physician and politician in Nova Scotia * William Baxter (botanist) (died c. 1836), English botanist who collected in Australia * William Baxter (Oxford Botanic Garden curator) (1787–1871), Scots botanist, author of ''British Phaenogamous Botany'' * William Edward Baxter (1825–1890), British politician and traveller * William Giles Baxter (1856–1888), English cartoonist * William Duncan Baxter (1868–1960), mayor of Cape Town, South Africa, 1907–1908 * William Baxter (Scottish politician) (1911–1979), British Labour Party politician, MP 1959–1974 * William Baxter (law professor) (1929–1998), American law professor * William H. Baxter (born 1949), American linguist * William Robert Baxter (born 1960), British hospitality entrepreneur * William "Bucky" Baxter (1955–2020), American guitarist * Will Baxter, a fictional character in ''Eureka Seven'' anime series Provided by Wikipedia

by Baxter, William
Published 1733
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by Baxter, William
Published 1731
prostant venales apud C. Davis, in vico vulgo dicto Pater-Noster-Row

by Baxter, William
Published 1726
ex officina G. Bowyer, sumtibus editoris

by Baxter, William H.
Published 1992
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by Baxter, William Edward
Published 1881
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