Jack Baker

Jack Baker may refer to:

* Jack Baker (actor) (1947–1994), American actor and writer * Jack Baker (activist) (born 1942), American LGBT activist * Jack Baker (baseball) (born 1950), American baseball player * Jack Baker (footballer, born 1878) (1878–1950), Australian footballer for Geelong * Jack Baker Jr. (1891–1952), Australian footballer for Geelong * Jack Baker (magician) (1913/1914–1980), American magician * Jack Baker (rugby league) (1890–1947), Australian rugby league footballer * Jimmy Baker (footballer, born 1904) (1904–1979), Welsh footballer also known as Jack Baker * Jack Croft Baker (1894–1962), English businessman and local politician * Jack Baker, head of the Baker family in the ''Resident Evil'' franchise Provided by Wikipedia

by Baker, Jack, Swanson, David A., Tayman, Jeff, Tedrow, Lucky M.
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