Richard Arnold

Richard Arnold may refer to:

* Richard Arnold (chronicler) (died ), English antiquary and chronicler * Richard Arnold (executive) (born 1971), British accountant and director at Manchester United * Richard Arnold (general) (1828–1882), Major General in the American Civil War * Richard Arnold (judge) (born 1961), British judge * Richard Arnold (politician) (born 1959), German politician * Richard Arnold (presenter) (born 1969), British television presenter and personality * Richard Arnold (speaker) (1642–1710), politician from Rhode Island * Richard Alexander Arnold, professor of English at Alfaisal University * Richard R. Arnold (born 1963), American astronaut * Richard S. Arnold (1936–2004), Judge of U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit * Richard Arnold (died 1647), English soldier executed after the Corkbush Field mutiny * Richard Arnold, mayor of Savannah, Georgia, 1842–1843, 1851–1852, and 1859–1860 Provided by Wikipedia