Africanus, in Latin, means "African". It may refer to:

People: * A cognomen of ancient Rome : ** Africanus Fabius Maximus, the younger son of Quintus Fabius Maximus (consul 45 BC) and an unknown wife ** Cresconius Africanus, a Latin canon lawyer of uncertain date and place ** Julius Africanus, an orator in the time of Nero ** Titus Sextius Africanus, a censor of Gaul in the 1st century *Lucius Apuleius ''Africanus'' Madaurensis (c. 124 – c. 170 CE), a Latin-language prose writer ** Titus Sextius Cornelius Africanus, a consul in the 2nd century under Trajan ** Sextus Caecilius Africanus, a 2nd-century Roman legal scholar ** Scipio Africanus (disambiguation) ** Sextus Julius Africanus, a Christian traveller and historian of the 3rd century ** Junillus Africanus (fl. 541–549), a Quaestor of the Sacred Palace in the court of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I * Constantine the African i.e. Constantinus Africanus (11th century) * Leo Africanus (1488–1554) * George Africanus (1763—1834), a West African slave, later credited as Nottingham's first black entrepreneur * Africanus Horton (1835–1883), also known as James Beale, a writer and folklorist from Sierra Leone * Albert Freeman Africanus King, one of the attending doctors during the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Other uses: * ''Africanus'' (journal), a scientific journal published by UNISA, about development problems with special reference to the Third World and southern Africa * Australopithecus africanus, an extinct species of australopithecine. Provided by Wikipedia

by Africanus
Published 1788
printed and sold by J. Phillips, George-Yard, Lombard-Street; and sold also by T. Payne and Sons, Meuse-Gate, Charing-Cross; and Chase and Co. Norwich

by Africanus
Published 1788
Printed and sold by J. Phillips

by Philo-Africanus
Published 1790
printed for J. Debrett, opposite Burlington House, Piccadilly

by Philo Africanus
Published 1790
Printed for J. Debrett

by Moore, Francis
Published 1738
Printed by E. Cave for the author, and sold by J. Stagg
Other Authors: '; ...Leo Africanus...

by Candidus
Published 1788
Printed for W. Brown
Other Authors: '; ...Philo Africanus...