Moshe Abeles

Moshe Abeles in June 2013 Moshe Abeles (; born 1936 in Tel Aviv) is an Israeli brain researcher from the Bar Ilan University.

Abeles research focuses on the functional circuits in the cerebral cortex. His physiological findings and his models about the functional significance of temporal relations in the cortex led to the famous "synfire chain theory" which how information processing can be carried out through the coordinated dynamic activity of cell assemblies.

In 2005 Abeles has founded the Gonda Multidsicpilinary brain research center at Bar-Ilan University, and directed it until 2011.

Abeles is the author of several highly cited books in neuroscience, including "Corticonics: Neural circuits of the cerebral cortex" (1991) and 'Local Cortical Circuits: An Electrophysiological Study" (2012). Provided by Wikipedia

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