by Piers, Henry
Published 1757
printed and sold by M. Lewis, in Paternoster-Row, near Cheapside

by Earbery, Matthias
Published 1718
printed for J. Bettenham, at the Crown in Pater-Noster Row

by Edwards, Joseph
Published 1736
printed at the Theatre for Richard Clements, and are to be sold by Charles Rivington Bookseller in St. Paul's Church-Yard, and James Roberts in Warwick-Lane. London

by Boulton, William
Published 1764
printed by and for S. Powell, Printer, in Dame-Street, opposite Fownes's-Street; and sold by the booksellers

by Biddulph, Thomas Tregenna
Published 1797
printed and sold by J. Agg: sold also by Dilly, in the Poultry; Matthews, in the Strand; and Chapman, Fleet-Street, London: by Hazard, Bath; and Bulgin, Brown, and Mills, Bristol

by Moncrieff, Alexander
Published 1757
Printed by J. Bryce and D. Paterson, and sold at their Printing House, New street

by Erskine, Ralph
Published 1741
Printed by R. Fleming and A. Alison, for D. Duncan at the West-Bow, and James Beugo in Dunfermline; and sold by William Marshal in home, James Weir in Cessford, and William Johnston in Newlands-Borland

by Robinson, Thomas
Published 1795
[P]rinted and sold by J. Brown; sold also by the other booksellers in Leicester, by J. Matthews, in the Strand, and by C. Dilly, in the Poultry, London]

by Knox, Vicesimus
Published 1792
Printed by John Exshaw, for Messrs. J. Shephard, P. Wogan, P. Byrne, A. Gruebee; W. M'Kenzie, J. Parker, B. Dugdale, J. Moore, J. Jones, H. Colbert, W. Jones, R. M'Allister, J. Rice, and W. Corbet

by Farquhar, John
Published 1799
Printed by Burnett and Rettie, for J. Burnett, bookseller

by Gentleman in Munster
Published 1787
Printed, and to be had at Mr. Grierson's, in Parliament-Street

by Morrison, James
Published 1767
Printed by Joseph Galbraith, and to be sold at his Printing House in Paul's Closs above the Cross, and by the booksellers in town and country

by Erskine, Ebenezer
Published 1728
printed for David Duncan, and sold by Mr. Andrew Aitkin bookseller in Kirkaldy

by Caradoc, Solomon Owen
Published 1748
Printed for the author; and sold by J. Oswald, at the Rose and Crown, near the Mansion-Hosue, in the Poultry

by Hervey, James
Published 1778
Printed by John Rivington, Jun. for John, Francis, and Charles Rivington, in St. Paul's Church-Yard

by Ryland, John
Published 1800
Printed for the benefit of Mr. Francis's family, by Ann Bryan Corn-Street, Bristol sold by Button in London, and James in Bristol

by Charters, Laurence
Published 1704
Printed by the heirs and successors of Andrews Anderson, printer to the Queens Most Excellent Majesty, and are to be sold by Mr. David Freebairn, John Vallenge, and Mr. Henry Knox in the High-street; and Mr. Robert Freebairn, Thomas Carruthers, and Mrs. Ogstoun, in the Parliament-Closs

by Erskine, Ralph
Published 1740
Printed by A. Alison for David Duncan, and James Beuge in Dunfermline, James M'Coul in Glasgow, James Jaffay in Sterling William Marschall in home, William Gray in Preston, ...mes Hogg in Middletown

by Williamson, John
Published 1727
Printed by Robert Brown, and are to be sold by Mr. Andrew Martin in the Parliament-Closs, and other book-sellers