by Kelly, Benjamin
Published 2011
Oxford University Press
... to the maintenance of the social order in Roman Egypt between 30 BC & AD 284, & focuses on how the legal system...

by Streeck, Wolfgang
Published 2009
Oxford University Press
... of capitalism on social order...

Published 1992
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ...An Introduction -- Origins: A View from the Literature -- I: Violence: The Origin of Social Order...

by Dean, James M.
Published 1999
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ... Theory of the Social Order -- 2 The Uses of Economics in Papal Encyclicals -- 3 Social Thinking...

Published 2001
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ... Economy -- 7 The Present Relevance of Ordnungstheorie for the Politics and the Economics of the Social...

by Whitley, Richard
Published 2007
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ... -- Death By Peer Review? -- Concluding Reflections -- The Social Orders of Research Evaluation Systems...

Published 1994
Springer Netherlands
... towards a sustainable future. The book goes in search of a new social order, an order in which...

by Maccarini, Andrea M.
Published 2019
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: '; .... The pressure on the human. Self and character in the new social order -- Chapter 9. A good life without horizon...

by Halsall, Guy
Boydell Press
Table of Contents: '; ... / Matthew Bennett -- Violence and late Viking age Scandinavian social order / Guy A.E. Morris -- Violence...

by Biddulph, Sarah
Published 2008
Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
Table of Contents: '; ... and social order : prospects for criminal procedure reform in China / Sarah Biddulph -- Addressing extreme...

by Lacey, Nicola
Published 2008
Oxford University Press
... in ideas of selfhood gender and social order in 18th and 19th century England. Lacey argues...

by Roth, Wolff-Michael
Published 2013
... approach, those materials are used that constitute the way in which the refl exive production of social...

by Les Convivialistes
Published 2014
transcript Verlag
... authors clarifies: This can only succeed within a social order that invokes a joint humanity, principles...

by Novakovic, Andreja
Published 2017
Cambridge University Press
...What does it take to be subjectively free in an objectively rational social order? In this book...

by Puri, Jyoti
Published 2016
Duke University Press
... sexuality's threat to the social order, this regulation works to preserve the views of the state...

by Zastoupil, Lynn
Published 2010
Palgrave Macmillan US
... member of the emerging Victorian social order  It uses his fame to shed fresh light on nineteenth-century...

by Peters, Michael A.
Published 2012
... shaped against the old class culture of Europe emphasizes a vision of social order in which each person...

by Peters, Michael A.
Published 2012
... shaped against the old class culture of Europe emphasizes a vision of social order in which each person...

Published 2013
Oxford University Press
... among them. Schmitt's thought, we find, amounted to a network of ideas about the sources of social order...

Published 2018
Taylor & Francis
... of governance and social order; social development and community development; global challenges and inequality...