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1 .... Yet the use of scientific journals to report, share and store results is a thread that runs through...

by Lokshin, Michael
Published 2008
The World Bank
Subjects: ...Scientific journals...

by Rørth, Pernille
Published 2018
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: ...Preface -- Part I: Tumble Hitch -- Part II: On scientific journal publishing...

by Öchsner, Andreas
Published 2013
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: ... Data -  Evaluation of Journals, Scientists, and Institutions -- Publishing in Scientific Journals...

by Horikoshi, Koki
Published 2016
Springer Japan
Table of Contents: ... the Emperor and the Deep Sea -- 11 New Scientific Journal Extremophiles and the International Society...

by Davis, Martha
Published 2005
Academic Press
Table of Contents: ... in scientific journals -- Style and accuracy in the final draft -- Reviewing and revising -- Titles...

by Marks, J., Howard, A.N.
Published 1986
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ... and scientific journals on the Cambridge Diet -- 2 Books on the Cambridge Diet -- 3 Other papers in medical...

Published 2000
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ... -- To be editor in chief of a primary scientific journal: From manual work to electronic publication -- Astronomy...

Published 1999
Springer US
Table of Contents: ... Review? -- 7. Scientific Journals and Their Authors’ Financial Interests: A Pilot Study -- 8...

Published 2015
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: ...: Objectivities in Print; Alex Csiszar -- PART III: SECURING OBJECTIVITY IN SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS AND COMMUNITIES...
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by Ridley, Damon D.
Published 2009
... for scientific journal and patent documents. Information Retrieval: SciFinder®, 2nd Edition is an essential guide...

by Vega, Francisco M.
Published 2022
MDPI - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
... Progression" that was published in the scientific journal Cancers. It was edited by Francisco M. Vega, Ph.D...

by Furberg, Bengt D., Furberg, Curt D.
Published 2007
Springer New York
Table of Contents: ... trustworthy are the authors? -- Does publication in a reputable scientific journal guarantee quality...

by Moed, Henk F.
Published 2005
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ... of Basic Science Research Departments -- Citation Analysis of Scientific Journals -- Basic Principles...

by Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra
Published 2018
Coimbra University Press
... relevant to preserve this memory and because it is understood that it should not integrate a scientific...

by Eve, Martin Paul
Published 2021
Cambridge University Press
..., the largest scientific journal in the world, to which the authors had unique access. Specifically...

Published 2015
Table of Contents: ... for Referees -- Chapter 13: Writing Scientific Journal Articles : Motivation, Barriers, and Support -- Chapter...

Published 1978
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ... Society Journals in the USA -- Discussion -- The Publication of Scientific Journals in France...