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by Alpini, Prosper
Published 1746
printed for G. Strahan and J. Clarke in Cornhill; S. Birt in Avemary-Lane; D. Browne without Temple-Bar; and J. Hodges, London-Bridge

by Short, Thomas
Published 1767
printed for W. Nicoll, in St. Paul's Church-Yard; and C. Etherington, opposite the North Door of All Saints Church, in the Pavement, York

Published 2010
Table of Contents: ... Long Course -- Chemoradiation Therapy: Nonoperative Approaches -- Contact X-Ray Therapy -- High-Dose...

by Carlton, Matthew A., Devore, Jay L.
Published 2017
Springer International Publishing
... for a one-term class on random signals and noise). For a year-long course, core chapters (1-4...

by Roberts, Daniel A., Yaida, Sho
Published 2022
Cambridge University Press
..., and it can easily fill a semester-long course on deep learning theory. For the first time, the exciting...

by Huang, Daoli
Published 2022
Springer Nature Singapore
...'s cybersecurity legislation, supervision, and justice in the long course of 40 years. In particular, this book...

by Ege, Gian
Published 2022
Carl Grossmann Verlag
... researched the topic of arms trafficking in a year-long course. Some of their academic papers are compiled...

Published 2022
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: ... semester-long course in genetics -- 6. Systems Thinking in Ecological and Physiological Systems...

by Puza, Borek
Published 2015
ANU Press
.... It is suitable for self-study or a semester-long course, with three hours of lectures and one tutorial per week...

by Beder, Jay H.
Published 2022
Springer International Publishing
.... Linear Models and Design can serve as a textbook for a year-long course in the topics covered, or for a...

by Loeb, Peter A.
Published 2016
Springer International Publishing
...This textbook is designed for a year-long course in real analysis taken by beginning graduate...

by Lee, John M.
Published 2000
Springer New York
... at the University of Washington, for example, this text is used for the ?rst third of a year-long course...

Published 2018
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: ... -- Short Course vs. Long Course Radiotherapy: Pros and cons -- Intersphincteric Resection: Perineal...

by Callahan, James J.
Published 2010
Springer New York
... and multivariable calculus. There is enough material for a year-long course on advanced calculus and for a variety...

by Durand, Caroline
Published 2022
MOM Éditions
... the long course of history. This volume offers a wide range of stimulating contributions. The first...

by Chen, Falin, Hsu, Fang-Tzu
Published 2020
Springer International Publishing
... theories represent an accumulation of changing knowledge over the long course of scientific history...

by Carrell, James B.
Published 2017
Springer New York
... on the theory of groups. The combined content from both makes this rare text ideal for a year-long course...

by Petters, Arlie O., Dong, Xiaoying
Published 2016
Springer New York
... year-long course on introductory mathematical finance. The self-contained design of the text allows...