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by Marie-Éva de Villers
Published 2006
Presses de l'Université de Montréal
Subjects: '; ...profession, lexicographe, langue, dictionnaire, mots, science du langage...

by Toup, Jonathan
Published 1775
prostant venales apud J. Nourse, in The Strand
Subjects: '; ...Suidas / (Lexicographer)...

by Toup, Jonathan
Published 1790
e typographeo Clarendoniano
Subjects: '; ...Suidas / (Lexicographer) / Criticism, Textual...

by McConchie, Roderick
Published 2019
Princeton University Press

by Postlethwaite, Richard
Published 1795
printed for J. Parsons, No 21, Paternoster-Row; and sold also by R.C. Stanes, Chelmsford

An universal, historical, geographical, chronological and poetical dictionary : exactly describing the situation, extent, customs, laws, Manners, Commodities, &c. of all Kingdoms, Common-Wealths, Provinces, Islands and Cities, in the known world. Containing Likewise The Lives of the Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles, and Primitive Fathers; Emperors, Kings, Princes, Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, and other eminent Persons; with an Account of the Inventors and Improvers of Arts and Sciences, Philosophers, and all Celebrated Authors. Also The History of the Pagan Gods, very useful for the Understanding of Classick Authors; of the several Sects among the Jews, Christians, Heathens and Mahometans, with their principal Ceremonies, Games and Festivals; of General Councils and Synods, when, and where Assembled; of the Establishment and Progress of Religious and Military Orders; and of the Genealogies of the most Illustrious Families, especially our English, Scotch and Irish. The Whole consisting of a curious Miscellany of Sacred and Prophane History, Extracted from Moreri, Baylc, Baudrand, Hoffman, Danet, and many more of the best and choicest Historians, Geographers, Chronologers and Lexicographers, Antient and Modern. In two volumes
Published 1703
printed for J. Hartley next the Kings-Head Tavern in Holborn; W. Turner, at the Angel at Lincolns-Inn Back Gate; and Tho. Hodgson, over against Grays-Inn Gate in Holborn

by Gouws, Rufus H.
Published 2013
De Gruyter
Table of Contents: '; ... to the following topics: the status and function of lexicographic reference works, the history of lexicography...

by Bartók, Béla
Published 1975
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; .... Addenda -- II. Lexicographical Index Of Melodies...

Published 1995
Springer Netherlands
...Dr Samuel Johnson, that famous eighteenth century lexicographer, said of oats 'A grain which...