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by Hurle, Donald T.J.
Published 1993
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... on Czochralski growth ... and Dr. Hurle is eminently suited to write such a text."; "Dr. Hurle is probably...

Published 1991
Springer US

Published 2019
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: ... solvable Lie group -- H. Hamrouni and F. Sadki, Self-Chabauty-isolated locally compact groups -- B. Hurle...

by Burgess, Colin
Published 2014
Springer International Publishing
... of the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, hurling him upwards on a 15-minute suborbital flight that also propelled...

by Lang, Kenneth R.
Published 2000
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
..., and gamma rays, and hurling charged particles out into space at nearly the speed of light...

by Pelt, Michel van
Published 2005
Springer New York
.... But what would it actually feel like to be a tourist in space, to be hurled into orbit on top of a...

by Parker, Barry R.
Published 1990
Springer US
...I remember sitting spellbound, watching the movie When Worlds Collide. Two planets hurled through...

by Oglesby, Roscoe Ralph
Published 1971
Springer Netherlands
..."; and to hurl at revolutionists the imprecations of a moral law which enjoins necessary obedience to authority...

by Tilly, Charles
Published 2008
Princeton University Press