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Published 2003
Birkhäuser Basel
Table of Contents: ... the Historian of Science Learn from the Historian of Fine Arts? -- Index of Names...

Published 2011
Springer Basel
Table of Contents: ... in Raphael's Paintings -- What can the Historian of Science Learn from the Historian of the Fine Arts...

by Kosmann-Schwarzbach, Yvette
Published 2011
Springer New York
Table of Contents: ... and by Historians of Science.-4. From Bessel-Hagen to Hill, 1921–1951.-5. The Reception of Noether's First Theorem...

by Hudson, John
Published 1992
Springer US
... of greatest importance in the development of the subject. The famous American historian of science, Henry...

Published 1992
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ...: Ernst Mach as a Historian of Science as Seen in Book Reviews and Notes (1896-1932) -- 4: Mach...

Published 2014
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: ...; Florence Bretelle-Establet -- Post Face -- On the sources of the historian of science from the perspective...

by Dick, Steven J.
Published 2020
Springer International Publishing
... connection.” As both an astronomer and historian of science, Dr. Dick has been both a witness to and a...

by Dijksterhuis, Eduard Jan
Published 2014
Princeton University Press
...This classic study by the eminent Dutch historian of science E. J. Dijksterhuis (1892-1965...

Published 2020
The MIT Press
... of ignorance. The historian of science Robert Proctor has coined the term agnotology to refer to the study...

by Ball, Rafael
Published 2023
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden
... of life and technology The author Rafael Ball holds a PHD in biology, is a historian of science and a...

by Hooykaas, R.
Published 1999
Springer Netherlands
..., serve to widen and to deepen the understanding of every reader (whether a historian of science...

by Haka, Andreas T.
Published 2023
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden
... is an engineer and historian of science and technology. He is currently a lecturer in the Section for the History...

by Gold, Thomas
Published 2012
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... by the astrophysicist and historian of science, Simon Mitton (University of Cambridge). The book is a retrospective...

by Berg, Annika
Published 2019
...), historian of science and ideas Annika Berg examines how patients described as psychopaths or querulants...

Published 1995
Springer Netherlands
... of Einstein's papers. William Harper, a historian of science and philosopher at the University of Western...

Published 1997
Springer Netherlands
...This volume, honoring the renowned historian of science, Allen G Debus, explores ideas of science...

by Batten, A.H.
Published 1988
Springer Netherlands
... of a family member I have a copy from which I have been able to work. The Soviet historian of science...

Published 1983
Springer Netherlands
... already described the historian of science as someone who arrives late after harvest-time: it is somebody...

Published 1981
Springer Netherlands
... grateful to that generous and humane physician and historian of science, Dr. Vincenzo Cappelletti, himself...

by Butts, Robert E.
Published 2000
Springer Netherlands
...Robert E. Butts (1928-1997) was a philosopher and historian of science whose central concerns were...