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by Dailey, Denton J.
Published 2011
Springer New York
...Electronics for Guitarists teaches the basic theory of operation and design principles of analog...

by Dailey, Denton J.
Published 2013
Springer New York
...In the second edition of Electronics for Guitarists author Denton Dailey teaches the basic theory...

by Dailey, Denton J.
Published 2022
Springer International Publishing
... would like to learn more about the design and operation of electronic circuits used by guitarists...

by French, Jay Jay, Farber, Steve
Published 2022
Tantor Media, Inc.
Subjects: ...Guitarists / fast...

by Jenkins, Mark
Published 2013
Focal Press
Table of Contents: ... -- Audio/MIDI interfaces -- Keyboards, DJ decks & controllers -- For the guitarist -- Stands, cases...

by Key, Liza
Published 2006
Filmakers Library
...Karoo Kitaar Blues follows South African songwriter David Kramer and slide guitarist Hannes Coetzee...

by Karush, Matthew B.
Published 2016
Duke University Press
... influential Argentine musicians of the twentieth century: Afro-Argentine swing guitarist Oscar Alemán, jazz...

by May, Brian
Published 2007
Springer New York
... hiatus of more than 30 years pursuing his other career as guitarist with his rock band Queen. This book...

by Corporation, Hal, Chappell, Jon, Phillips, Mark, Serna, Desi
Published 2020
For Dummies
.... Where do you even begin? In Guitar All-in-One For Dummies , a team of expert guitarists and music...

by Bader, Rolf
Published 2005
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
.... He currently works and performs as a guitarist in the field of jazz, modern classical music...

Published 2023
Edward Elgar Publishing
Table of Contents: ... but ... / Roger Bennett Riggle Jr. -- 8. Beau Bledsoe: shifting revenue streams in a guitarist's portfolio career...

by Baker, Donald L.
Published 2020
Springer International Publishing
... controlled systems. The object of all the disclosures: give the guitarist or pianist a system which allows...

Published 2005
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: ... on a Multi-agent System -- A CSP Approach for Modeling the Hand Gestures of a Virtual Guitarist...