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by Schweizer, Volker
Published 2012
Spektrum Akademischer Verlag
... Schweizer, renowned geologist and lecturer at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, is an experienced...

by Fairley, Jerry P.
Published 2016
... and is accessible to anyone that has completed two semesters of Calculus. Although the popular image of a geologist...

by Petrov, Oleg V.
Published 2019
Springer International Publishing
... levels of resolution of analysis of natural systems. For expert-geologist it includes the basis...

by Winkler, Erhard M.
Published 1975
Springer Vienna
... of rock types is evident to any thoughtful observer. To the geologist falls the task of characterizing...

Published 2008
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ..., Geologist, Geographer, and Historian -- Comprendre et compléter un catalogue de séismes: le cas de Trinidad...

by Glazer, S.N.
Published 2018
Springer International Publishing
... to specialists with little input from geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists. (…) This is a must read...

by Müller, L.
Published 1981
Springer Vienna
Table of Contents: '; ... Geologist of Today -- Die erste Phase der geologischen und geotechnischen Erkundung für den „Crosstown...

by Haneberg, William C.
Published 2004
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
...Computational Geosciences with Mathematica is the only book written by a geologist specifically...

by Daley, Tim
Published 2018
Springer International Publishing
... resources are discovered, providing a concise account of how oil geologists view the subsurface...

by Plomerová, Jaroslava
Published 1998
Birkhäuser Basel
... geophysicists and geologists who work in the field of observational and theoretical seismology, mineral and rock...

by Stüwe, Kurt
Published 2002
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
.... It was originally written as a guide for field geologists who wish to quantitatively understand or test...

by Cui, Xiaoqin, Lines, Laurence, Krebes, Edward Stephen, Peng, Suping
Published 2018
Springer Singapore
... delineation of fractured reservoirs that ultimately benefits reservoir and mining engineers, geologists...

by Shemenda, Alexander I.
Published 1994
Springer Netherlands
... of subduction zone, arc-continent collision and continental subduction. This work is for geologists...

by Gubbins, David
Published 2007
Springer Netherlands
... students but also for geologists, physicists, atmospheric and environmental scientists, and engineers...

by Summerhayes, Colin P.
Published 2015
... the rock record uncovered by geologists. In "Earth's Climate Evolution", Colin Summerhayes analyzes reports...

Published 2007
Springer Netherlands
... useful handbook for practicing earth scientists (geophysicists, geologists, or petroleum engineers)...

by Faure, Gunter, Powell, James L.
Published 1972
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... sciences. This requires the active participation of a new breed of geologists who understand the nature...

by Schenk, Paul E.
Published 1983
Springer Netherlands
... on an international and orogen-wide scale. Geologists who have studied these scattered remnants have been separated...