by Guha-Khasnobis, Basudeb
Published 2007
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... implications for food security across the globe. This volume attempts to redress the balance and provide a much...

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Published 2023
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Table of Contents: ...Contents: Preface -- 1. The three pillars of food security - availability, adequate income...

by Mahmoud, Barakat
Published 2021
Subjects: ...Food security & supply...

Published 2021
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Table of Contents: ...27. The Relevance of Plant Breeding to Food Security in Africa -- 28. Extent, Impact and Prospects...

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Published 2007
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... War to provide food security for all. It provides a reference source for all those involved...

Published 2017
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Table of Contents: ...: Bioprospecting for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security -- Chapter 6. Volatile Organic Compounds in Food...

Published 2013
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Table of Contents: ... Landscape: What does it Really Mean for Agriculture? -- 30. Final Word: Australia’s Food Security Challenges...

by Koizumi, Tatsuji
Published 2014
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Table of Contents: ...Introduction -- Global discussion of Biofuel and Food Security -- Biofuel and Food Security...

Published 2013
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Table of Contents: ... food security -- Foreword -- Executive summary -- The role of food and agricultural trade in ensuring...

Published 2018
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... of soils in promoting food security and the measures that could be undertaken to facilitate sustainable...

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Published 2023
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Table of Contents: ...Part I. A new concept of food security -- 1. Post-Pandemic Changes in the World Pattern and Food...

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Table of Contents: ... Timmer (2012), 'Behavioral Dimensions of Food Security', Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences...

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Subjects: ...Food security / Africa, East...

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Subjects: ...Food security...

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Table of Contents: ... -- Preserving Food after Harvest is an Integral Component of Food Security -- Microbiological Safety of Fruit...

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Subjects: ...Food security...

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Table of Contents: ...1: Introduction -- 2: Is there enough food? -- 3: Food security – how did we get to where we...

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Table of Contents: ... of biotechnology -- 7. Risk Governance 7a. Pest, weed and other disease management 7b. Food Supply Chains 7c. Food...

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Table of Contents: ...Chapter1: Why This Book? -- Chapter2: Food Security – the 21st Century Issue -- Chapter3...

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Table of Contents: ...I -- Climate Effects on Food Security: An Overview -- Climate Models and Their Projections...