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by Ghosh, Atish R.
Published 2002
MIT Press
...An empirical study of exchange rate regimes based on data compiled from 150 member countries...

by Moosa, Imad A.
Published 2005
Palgrave Macmillan UK
...This book explores the exchange rate regime choice and the role played by the exchange rate...

Published 1988
International Monetary Fund

by Frankel, Jeffrey A.
Published 2000
World Bank, Development Research Group, Macroeconomics and Growth
...One reason intermediate exchange rate regimes have fallen out of favor...

by Ricci, Luca
Published 1997
International Monetary Fund
... also on the exchange rate regime. The adoption of fixed exchange rates endogenously increases...

by Marion, Nancy
Published 1991
International Monetary Fund
...Traditionally the choice of exchange rate regime has been seen as a second-best policy choice...

Published 1990
International Monetary Fund
... the choice of exchange rate regime in smaller industrial countries. It contains a comprehensive summary...

by Masson, Paul
Published 2000
International Monetary Fund
... that the intermediate cases will continue to constitute a sizable proportion of actual exchange rate regimes...

by Domaç, Ilker
Published 2000
World Bank
...Is there a link between banking crises and exchange rate regimes...

by Klein, Michael W., Shambaugh, Jay C.
Published 2010
MIT Press
...This work provides an analysis of the operation and consequences of exchange rate regimes in an era...

Published 2003
Springer US
Table of Contents: ...? -- Recommending a Currency Basket System for Emerging East Asia -- Monetary Policy, Exchange Rate Regimes...

by Kawai, Masahiro
Published 1992
International Monetary Fund
...This paper examines the question of how to design an optimal and sustainable exchange rate regime...

by Husain, Aasim
Published 2003
International Monetary Fund
...Using recent advances in the classification of exchange rate regimes, this paper finds no support...

by Brooks, Robin
Published 2004
International Monetary Fund
...The issue of the appropriate exchange rate regime for individual countries has been perennially...

by Qureshi, Mahvash
Published 2010
International Monetary Fund
...This paper examines the impact of exchange rate regimes on bilateral trade while differentiating...

by Arora, Vivek
Published 2001
International Monetary Fund
...The Canadian experience with a floating exchange rate regime can shed some light on the question...

by Duttagupta, Rupa
Published 2006
International Monetary Fund
...This paper assesses the nature of fiscal discipline under alternative exchange rate regimes. First...

by Das, Sonali
Published 2019
International Monetary Fund
...China’s exchange rate regime has undergone gradual reform since the move away from a fixed exchange...

Published 2021
International Monetary Fund
... raised anew questions about the viability of pegged exchange rate regimes. More recently, the COVID-19...